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The female clothes - for decades an integral part of women's fashion

Women clothes are not just women's clothes, but an important part of the history of fashion and expression of a lifestyle. Originally known only work pants and clothing rebellious youth, clothes have started from the beginning of the 21st century, at least in the conquest of all the fashion industry. In this development process, the clothes have become more diverse: sometimes they are smooth and simple, there is a busy time small playful details. These include rivets, decorative buttons, embroidery, lace, stripes and contrasting seams and leather applications.
Modern Women's clothes are made of cotton and mixed fibers. The better fit the female silhouette and offers great freedom of movement. They are lighter, more comfortable to wear than cotton clothes. These materials are easy to clean than the classic cowboy, dimensionally stable and durable. The most common use of polyester and spandex used when cotton women's clothing wearing comfort combined.